Our Services

Physical Asset Integrity Management

  • Engineering visual structural inspection.
  • Signal-based condition monitoring (strain & acceleration).
  • Thermal imaging on gearboxes, motor, furnaces, solar panels.
  • Failure investigation.
  • Oil analysis.
  • Crack and corrosion control.
  • Design reviews of steel structures & mechanical systems.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Engineering certification.
  • Computer-aided design using finite element methods (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), discrete element methods (DEM).
  • Design of bulk material flow conveying and handling systems like conveyor belts, transfer chutes and silos.
  • Design of lifting equipment like crawl beams and overhead traveling crane.
  • Design of pump stations.
  • Design of underground mining dewatering system.
  • Piping design.
  • Design of pressure equipment.
  • Design of welded and bolted connections.
  • Design of fumes extraction system.
  • Fatigue analysis (stress- and strain-life method).
  • Design reviews of mechanical components or systems.
  • Analysis of thermal comfort.
  • Certification of Falling & Rolling Object Protective Structures (FOPS & ROPS) for mining and light vehicles and buses.

Building Services

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • Wet services (portable & hot water).

Water Practictioners

  • Water quality assessment.
  • Design of water purification system using ion-exchange, reverse osmosis or dessalination to any quality.